(Not) Knobs 3

(Not) Knobs 1
(Not) Knobs 2

Throwing some out, a few more variations (3 groups: radial, additive, distance):
Circulars 05

Simple shading:
Circulars 06


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2 Responses to (Not) Knobs 3

  1. I see you still keep the distance as an intuitive alternative regardless the discontinuity it has on the x=-y line.

    If the additive solution is not enough there are some other alternatives. One is the orthogonal distance to the x=-y line. The other is using the min(abs(x),abs(y)). Maybe using max is more intuitive but it also has the discontinuity.

  2. thorwil says:

    David: this is not the distance based behavior we talked about, as I added a measure to rule out jumps. Quoting myself from the previous post:
    “The only other way I can think of now, is to use the distance from the initial click and to assume a rotating axis. Initialy, north-west to south-east is plus, the other half minus. If the mouse is moved around the center, plus and minus have to rotate accordingly. Picturing this as a physical object, it would be like a slider that can be rotated around its center.”
    Also, I think users will move the pointer along an axis without noteworthy rotation around the center most of the time.
    The additive solution alone might be fine, but as a designer I felt I would do a bad job not thinking about alternatives 😉