Ardour MIDI Editing 2

Following up on the abstract Ardour MIDI Editing 1, some pretty pictures this time 😉
Didn’t pay attention to integration with Ardour’s look yet. There’s a light theme in development and I might target it once it stabilizes.

MIDI Editor A
The piano bar is meant to become part of the track headers and could be used for vertical scrolling and maybe zooming. The 1 of each bar is marked with a blue background, each other odd beat with a lighter blue background. The big numbers are just an idea to help with orientation, as the time rulers above the track canvas might be far away. Might be too busy, though.

The notes are meant to have 3 distinct target areas for moving the start, whole note or end. To make short notes in a row easier to read, it might be better to show the handles only on mouse-over.

MIDI Editor B

Showing velocity as bars on the note canvas. Chords are obviously a problem.

MIDI Editor C

The first note shows how indicating note on and off velocity could look like. Followed by another approach for stacked notes.

MIDI Editor D

Another style, 2 different approaches for stacked notes.

MIDI Editor E

A whole set of ways to indicate velocity right on the notes. Last 2 columns on and off velocity. Indicating off velocity should be optional, as it is seldomly used, I think.

A row below the note area with bars like in so many sequencers is still a good idea.

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I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

2 Responses to Ardour MIDI Editing 2

  1. Bennyp says:

    Referencing Pictures 2, 3 and 4. IS colour reserved for something else (like pitch?) If not, colour could be use for velocity.

    Even if colour is reserved for pitch, maybe On/Off Handle colour could be sued for velocity. This has the bonus of letting you see quickly whihc velocity handle is for which note. This would really only come into play for stacked notes, and ardour would be smart enough to know when that is.