Experimental Theme Mockup 2

My previous Experimental Theme Mockup has been found to look too “old school”. So I started playing again. What I’m aiming at in a few words: warm, inviting, Africa, modern, unique elements, brown, orange. I concentrated on the windows and just adapted the widgets. There are rough spots and I’m not satisfied with every detail. This is about trying various things 🙂

The CC Attribution 2.0 licensed background picture is from kevinzim on flickr. I removed the vultures and carcass, though 😉

Click on the thumbnails for the big ones (1280 x 1024)


With translucent windows:

HD Icons
List View Columns
Scrollbars with Popups
Options (check boxes and radio buttons)

I’d like to hear what people like and don’t like about this. The more specific the better.


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I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

3 Responses to Experimental Theme Mockup 2

  1. bennyp says:

    That is simply gorgeous!
    Try experimenting with the darker colour to see if you can get a better balance. You may just have a perfect balance here though, I’d have to use it to tell.

  2. thorwil says:

    bennyp: Thank you 🙂
    I did tweak the colours quite a bit and would expect quite a bit of fine tuning would have to happen with an implementation, anyway (regarding having to use it to tell).

  3. porl says:

    sorry, i have to say i preferred your first one better 😦

    i loved the old one’s taskbar especially, and the only thing i didn’t like in it was the close buttons in the window tops. i would definately use the theme if it took the taskbar’s look and extended it throughout. i think these ones remind me too much of old generated winamp skins for some reason.

    i prefer the background of this one though (though that is usually the first thing i change anyway), it brings the windows out clearer.

    i have always liked the way the ‘unfocused’ window decorations look on ubuntu’s human theme. i even made a custom theme once that made that the ‘focused’ default, and unfocused windows were darker or something (been a while). i think it looks *much* cleaner when the ‘window decorations’ look like a part of the window itself, not a frame stuck to the outside of it.

    anyways, those are my two cents 🙂