Ardour MIDI Editing 4

So there’s the question how rectangular selection shall work: selecting notes that are touched by the rectangle vs only selecting notes that are fully within the rectangle. MusE and Nautilus use the first approach. Several other sequencers and file managers likely, too. Inkscape and likely other 2d graphics tools use the later approach. I find that I can’t remember details like this for many applications I used.
Here’s an example pattern in MusE:

Notes in MusE

Selection widths in pixels for the first 3 chords. Minimum and maximum to select the one chord and no other note:

  Touch Cover
Minimum 0, 0 , 0 48, 16, 48
Maximum 48, 16, 48 64, 94, 78
Range 48, 16, 48 16, 78, 30

I think the numbers clearly support that cover-select has a strong advantage over touch-select if it’s about selecting short notes, but makes selecting longer notes next to short notes harder . If a note extends beyond the canvas, it can only be selected via covering with the additinal rule that in such a case, covering the visible extents of a note is enough.

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