Experimental Theme Mockup 5

Got tired of the wallpaper image and tried something fairly neutral with some subtle variations. Still some rough spots.

Experimental Theme Mockup 5
1280 x 1024 pixel

The idea behind the new tabs is unification with command buttons: the areas to click on look just like buttons and are raised, not behind the current page. You may think of the buttons of old tape decks.

The one minimized window is shown like a playing card, clearly setting it apart from the panel items for visible windows.

HD icons use one colour per physical drive. Each partition is shown as  circle slice, indicating offset and relative size. This way no 2 partitions have the same icon. Disk use is given by colour, from blue for empty over green and yellow to red for full.

Feisty screenshot the whole series is based on:
Ubuntu Feisty
1280 x 1024 pixel

Experimental Theme Mockup 4
Experimental Theme Mockup 3
Experimental Theme Mockup 2
Experimental Theme Mockup 1

HD Icons
List View Columns
Scrollbars with Popups
Options (check boxes and radio buttons)


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2 Responses to Experimental Theme Mockup 5

  1. porl says:

    i *really* like this new version. i can’t say there is anything in this one that i would change. i especially like the panel look, the way the ‘power’ button fits in as a part of the panel look itself (rather than being ‘on top’), and the colour scheme with the panel background and the pager. very nice and classy 🙂 if you ever do get around to making this a reality, i’d definately like a copy 🙂


  2. luca says:

    i love the mockup 5! Can i download it???
    my mail is ltoffano@gmail.com