Matrix 3

Another mockup for routing in Ardour:


So what you see here are connections for a track called Drums. It has stereo connections to the Master bus. Where it would connect to itself you see infinity loops as a feedback warning. I’ve been told that Ardour allows it and one might want to do it, whatever the reason may be šŸ˜‰

On the previous mockup I got the Show options wrong, as system ports are neither tracks nor busses and tracks and busses can only be shown if Ardour (here meaning internal ports) is on. Paul had to remind me of the existance of other jack clients (Other Software) šŸ™‚
So this group of checkboxes should do it.

Also fixed a slip in cell colouring.

The Add button is now large enough to take the usual icon. Actually could make the label a full Add Output, also leading to more space for the destination labels.

I know the frame and scrollbar don’t look good, but that’s what Ardour’s custom theme does.

Matrix 2
Matrix 1

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