Matrix 4

Design of a routing matrix for Ardour continued.


In this arrangement the routing matrix serves connecting the outputs of a track or bus. The window title would contain the name of the track or bus, so it doesn’t need to be reiterated. Outputs (sources) on the top, destination on the right to have the signal flow following the reading direction.

Infinity symbols warn about routing loops. There’s one on the mockup just to show the symbol in both states.

Outputs could be deleted via context menu or delete-click (an Ardour speciality), but here I present dedicated buttons as an alternative. The x might be ambiguous, but trashcans need more pixels to be recognisable and are not exactly attractive 😉

Changed the way connections are marked to have a little eye-candy. I know this wouldn’t be simple to implement, so take this as just an example of what could be done in that direction.

The list of destinations is now meant to follow the order of Show options (right side). I think busses, and especially the Master bus, are the most likely destinations, so they’re on top.

Highlight Port

Above: Hovering over a cell highlighting source and destination.

Highlight Bus

Above: Hovering over a bus/track header highlight sources, destinations and connection cells. A click would connect all ports number by number (as far as possible).


Above: Ctrl-clicking (or shift for a span) could allow selection of multiple destinations. Adding a connection to one of them would be duplicated to all other (as far as possible). I’m not sure this feature would be worth the trouble, but I have been asked about such an ability.

Matrix 3
Matrix 2
Matrix 1

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2 Responses to Matrix 4

  1. red says:

    Hm, nice ideas here. I found the color-coding within the matrix a bit confusing in the first place.

  2. thorwil says:

    The colour-coding should be more clear and actually useful in the global routing matrix with many columns and rows.