Matrix 5

Design of a routing matrix for Ardour.


On IRC we decided to go without remove buttons for the ports. There will be a context menu entry, delete-click (by default: Shift and right-click) and maybe hitting the delete key when hovering over the button.

It should be considered to bind number keys to creating the according number of ports. Hit 1 for mono, 2 for stereo …

I moved the Disconnect button down for consistency as you will see below. Lining it up with the table body makes for a better mapping, anyway.


The other side: Inputs. The Add button has to stay on the right as new ports will be appended there.

The order of Show options and matching sorting in the table is almost reversed to have the likely most often used sources at the top.

One could argue for using the same sequence of busses and tracks as on the editor. Or the mixer. Exactly because there’s 2 already and since external I/O isn’t included, I’m currently in favour of this additional scheme, but it hasn’t been discussed yet.


In #ardour, dx9s pointed out that with tracks/bus with non equal number of inputs and outputs, it’s not clear which cells should have a feedback warning.

He also suggest a “Self” option for viewing/hiding the source track/bus on the destination side (hidden by default). You can consider this added 😉

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