Ubuntu Login Screen

For Hardy Heron, there are plans for a face browser on the login screen.

Here’s my take on it 🙂
Colours, images and layout are just roughed in to get a few ideas out.

Click on the thumbnails for full size images.

Options and the Quit button are placed at the top for the similarity with the panel that will take this place once a user is logged in.

One possible hover effect would be a slight zoom.

Typing 1
There are keys for each first letter of the account names. While clickable, they are mainly a hint for using the keyboard. Step by step completion until …

Typing 2
only one name fits. Would be more interesting if you have many accounts, of course 😉

A capslock warning with a little picture for novice users.

Typing 3

Face Maker
Login Circle


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I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

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