Ubuntu Ideas Header

Nicolas created some header designs. Time for me to join the fun.

Ubuntu in other fonts doesn’t look half as friendly and there’s no reason to repeat what Nicolas tried already. Other fonts don’t work that great with the logo text, so I installed the Ubuntu Title ttf as packaged for Gutsy. Found out it’s narrower than the original and not well drawn. So on to constructing the missing letters myself. The letters in the official logo SVG are full of unnecessary nodes. For all but one letter it could be excused with sticking really close to the probably hand-drawn original. But look at the b:
Full size

Anyway, variations with the title font at the top for comparison:
Full size

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2 Responses to Ubuntu Ideas Header

  1. stelt says:

    The link to the SVG file didn’t work for me.
    Make sure that text is defined as text in the SVG, so people and machines can use it as such.

  2. thorwil says:

    stelt: the link works fine here on another system. I can’t make sure anything about that file because it isn’t mine.