Ardour Headers 2

1153 x 829 pixel

The usual GTK buttons are just not good for gapless layouts, so I once again tried a minimal 3d effect for a tight layout with clear target areas. The new letters and icons combination is less bold then my previous designs.

Moved the meters into the faders, to have both vertical and one larger target area. They could be placed below instead, of course.

Removed the buttons on the transport section just as a quick test.

Removed the settings from the tempo control. Speed would be shown only if it’s non-zero. Sprung or wheel mode would be indicated on mouse-over only. The settings could be changed via a context menu.

1153 x 829 pixel

Went on to see how the canvas could look starting from black. One goal was to do away with the strong region content/label-bar separation.

Ardour Headers

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4 Responses to Ardour Headers 2

  1. Raphaël Doursenaud says:

    I really like the black one. A particulary nice touch is the “corner cut” on regions. It’s a nice way to help editing.

  2. Burkhard says:

    I really like the first version. The minimal 3d effect works very well for the record, mute, solo, etc buttons. In general, the flat design looks better to me, also in the control section. Perhaps, even more buttons could adopt this flatter, “minimal 3d” style.

    What about moving the meters out of the fader, but keeping them horizontal? So they would be directly above or below the faders. One possible problem with horizontal meters could be, that they would be confusing directly next to the vertical meters on the left.

    I think the black canvas approach is to heavy. I don’t understand what separation you are trying to overcome – doesn’t the grey canvas blend in quite well with the rest of the gui?

  3. Burkhard says:

    Forgot to mention: I like the coloured faders in the second version.

  4. thorwil says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Burkhard: it doesn’t look like anyone would be willing to get GTK draw such buttons or do it any other way, so I will likely reintroduce plain old buttons on the track headers in the next mockup.

    The black canvas is about using the same colour as for the notebook and redirect slots backgrounds. It is not meant to blend in, but rather to emphasize the separation. But I agree, it’s a bit drastic 🙂