Ardour Headers 3

1153 x 829 pixel

Paul doesn’t like full regions painted in track colours, so back to the strong content/footer separation.

Seems nobody is ready to invest any work into different buttons for the track headers, so I just adapted the old buttons to the background colour on the selected track. If only GTK had a switch to draw hard edges where buttons touch …

Trying an icon-shaped buttons approach for transport. Quickly done just to see if it could work, so it’s not clean as it could be (colour-banding on the rec button comes from using an indexed PNG. Small file and crisp text has a clear price here).

Moved the notebook scrollbar below the tabs to gain some space. No idea if GTK allows that, though.

The original screenshot for comparison again:
1153 x 829 pixel


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One Response to Ardour Headers 3

  1. Bennyp says:

    I must say I prefer the rectangular transport buttons, but I love the colour scheme/bar separations.