Ardour Track Resize

The ongoing development branch of Ardour supports vertical resizing of tracks/busses via dragging (instead of the prior menu/steps approach). Currently there just a small gray rectangle in the bottom left corner of each track/bus. Paul asked me to create an icon. Not many options there, but i think a relief like used elsewhere to denote draggability is better.

The same without the broken 3d button borders on the track/bus headers:


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2 Responses to Ardour Track Resize

  1. porl says:

    i can’t tell the difference between the two screenshots(??)

    secondly, i think the resize icons should only display when the mouse is hovering over the track header to clear up a little bit of clutter. still, nice work! 🙂


  2. bennyp says:

    I think it’s a bit cleaner without the borders. Also, next to the scrollbar’s icon, this one looks very “chunky”

    Looks good.