Folder Icon Challenge 2

Ken Vermette did a better job at the folder icon challenge. This one and later on another.

I would love to have folder icons that give some information about the content. Obviously it’s problematic to stick stuff behind a orange, somewhat transparent front. Also wanted to try a different texture. So I started playing a bit again:

Click on the image to see it complete, without the cut on the right you might see now


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10 Responses to Folder Icon Challenge 2

  1. :// says:

    Pretty good. I really want some nice black icons though. There are some good ones but they all have everything custom. All I want is different folder icons. I like the default human icons.

  2. zerwas says:

    It’s improving! But (at least in my opinion) it could look a bit more natural (by taking a less lurid colour – like Ken did use). Why not take the great GNOME icon theme as a basing point?

    I hope this critic does not sound fussy … Your work is great!

    @:// You can create them yourself starting from human folder icons really simple by using gimp and playing around with the colours, contrast and brightness of the file. Simply try it.

    btw: am i allowed to speak german here? 😉

  3. thorwil says:

    zerwas: thanks. I would prefer if you stick to English for my international readers 😉

  4. Anton (dilomo) says:

    Nice work! I hope we could include this stuff in 9.04. I like the first verson with blurred contents – it gives the folder material more natural looks. Keep up to good work.

  5. osliner says:

    i love them.. will they appear in the ibex?

  6. thorwil says:

    osliner: thank you! No, intrepid is way too close. These are just drafts and so far it looks like the linked icon designs are more popular, anyway.

  7. Osliner says:

    the linked folders are so boring, every OS has the same one, these ones with the transparent front are much more unique.

    is it possible to download them somewhere?

  8. thorwil says:

    Osliner: send me a mail ( and I will reply with the SVG attached. Just keep in mind that these are not ready-for-use icons.

  9. Cris says:

    The concept is to open the folder to show what’s inside; so, why don’t we open it more? and we get rid about the transparency’s problems, or not?

  10. osliner says:

    i would work on these folders, they have mouch more style than the default breathe folders.