Ubuntu 8.10 Countdown

I’m happy to announce that my countdown banner design is up now. Sadly WordPress doesn’t allow me to insert that script line here 😦


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I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

19 Responses to Ubuntu 8.10 Countdown

  1. vanyok says:

    I’ve found strange thing with the Countdown of 8.10 there

    If you click on that countdown you’ll get to the page
    But it’s about Ubuntu 8.04 RC, not 8.10!
    Please, fix the link to the correct one. Ex.
    http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta or just

    Thank you very much and good luck!

  2. thorwil says:

    vanyok: thanks, I notified the admin.
    Edit: it’s fixed now.

  3. Peng says:

    Is there a generic banner we can use on WP.com blogs? It’s unfortunate that there’s no noscript option like we had for Ubuntu Gutsy, but if there were even a static, generic image that would really helpful for those of us under WordPress’ limitations.

  4. timo says:

    What is the font used for the number of days and “Days to go” text? We’re just considering doing a localized version. Of course, source graphics files under CC-BY-SA or so would be nice, too.

  5. thorwil says:

    timo: Bitstream Vera Sans, as I wanted a clear and free front. SVG coming your way via email.

  6. Elkan76 says:

    thorwill many thanks, your banner are so beautiful, but the dark model, had a thin white stripe on the top border, I don’t know if is by your design or the code.
    You can see it posted on my blog.

  7. Firecad2006 says:

    Can you make a counter for myspace, i run a Open-Source page and i can’t use java on it

  8. thorwil says:

    Elkan76: Thank you! The white stripe is not part of the image, so it results from the way the image is embedded on your blog. If you can’t change anything about that, I suggest that you switch to the white version, as it will stand out less in this case.

    Firecad2006: Maybe you confuse JavaScript and Java?

  9. Peng says:

    Sorry, I just checked for your response. I may mod one the images a tad to put the release date on it. That way people will be able to see how soon it’s coming. When I get the new images done I’ll post them on my blog with a thanks to you and info on how to use them if they’d like. Thanks for getting the generic versions available!

  10. Peng says:

    The font you use (for “COMING SOON!”) is Bitstream Vera Sans? I ask because I’m making my mods to it and the font isn’t matching at all.

  11. Firecad2006 says:

    o sorry your right but stil can you make one for myspace that will count down?

  12. Juampa says:

    Congratulations for your countdown banner, is spectacular! Thanks for help the ubuntu comunity! 😀 …

    Juampa 😉

  13. thorwil says:

    Peng: Bitstream Vera Sans, bold. But wait a bit, I will offer a version with date myself, likely with my next post. Maybe it will also be added on the Ubuntu site.

    Firecad2006: I’m sorry, but I can only host stable images here and the Ubuntu admin can only offer that script for changing images.

    If anyone here has an idea, or better yet the ability to offer daily changing images without using a script, I’m all ears.

    Juampa: Thank you 😀

  14. thorwil says:

    You can now find static images with date in my next post: https://thorwil.wordpress.com/2008/10/05/ubuntu-810-date/

  15. Peng says:

    That would be most excellent, thorwil. I look forward to seeing it.

    I think the old Feisty script used PHP for the countdown. I’ll see if I can did though my archive and see if I can find info on who did it. It may be on my old blog though, which is no more, but I may have a way or two to find out how I did the counter back then.

  16. Firecad2006 says:

    thank you that will work great

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  18. Vlad Nistor says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ve just set up a blog and will be using the darker image.