Ubuntu 9.04 Countdown

I’m honoured that my countdown design has been chosen once again. Along with a nice alternative, it’s available from the Ubuntu countdown page.

Update: Thanks to Steve Dodier, there is now a semi-official variant that allows a changing image without Javascript:

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud

So if your site doesn’t allow Javascript, you may use the following snippet:

<img src="http://www.2nt.free.fr/host/jaunty/countdown.php" width="180" height="150" alt="Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud" border="0" />

My thanks go out to Julian Hubbard for his feedback that lead to a number of tweaks, Pierre Buyle and Markus Grönholm for the animation and the always constructive Matthew Nuzum for bringing it all together and online.

Everything except the logo and “ubuntu 9.04” has been rendered with Blender. The rest comes from Inkscape and has been composited on top using Imagemagick’s composite.

All the material can be found in my Launchpad branch.

The other submissions.

Submissions for the previous countdown, including the chosen spiral of dots (1st and 3rd column).to


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4 Responses to Ubuntu 9.04 Countdown

  1. Chainz says:

    Gorgeous! Simple, yet powerful.

    … And made with my beloved Blender 😉

  2. nima says:


    I need one of the cutdown in A3 size ;


    can you help me ?

  3. neopingoo says:


    cool !

    Will you do a module to insert in a CMS ?

    It could be a countdown for all new Ubuntu release.


  4. thorwil says:


    neopingoo: No, I will not do a module for a CMS. I’m not a developer, at least not in this sense.