Ubuntu One

So Ubuntu One is in beta now.

I was quite disappointed when I saw the wordmark. One could hope that it’s only a stopgap solution, but to have one would be a bad idea in itself.

I likely shouldn’t mess with design done at Canonical, but this thing bothers me. At the very least, the letter spacing should be uniform.

Original at the top, followed by a rearrangement and a quick and rough sketch of an alternative:


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3 Responses to Ubuntu One

  1. Bugsbane says:

    I don’t know… personally I like the original the best! I do agree though that lining up lettering would improve it somewhat. In this case I’d keep the word one right justified and shrink it ever so slightly so that the left edge of the O lines up with the left edge of Ubuntu’s N.

  2. manzur says:

    bueno os escribo para decirle que me parece que entre mas sencillo mejor, en lo personal me gustan las cosas que luzcan profesionales, porque impactan

    • thorwil says:

      manzur: I don’t understand spanish and machine translation only allows me to guess what you might mean.