Ubuntu Title Page 2

Feedback on the previous round mainly happened via email. I concentrated on those who where so nice and thoughtful to describe how they perceive things. That’s so much more valuable than just votes for single options.

So it shall be one of these:





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9 Responses to Ubuntu Title Page 2

  1. I like (b), the second one. It’s off center-ness annoys me a bit, but I’m sure I can live with it…

    Good work Thorsten!

  2. Scott Todd says:

    I agree with Benjamin. (b) is best, and to achieve better “center-ness” I recommned moving the CoF a few points to the left… so that the space between the CoF and the Text is roughly equal to the space between the dots below the text.

  3. Murat Gunes says:

    The first one seems most suitable, since the spaced dot pattern is supposed to signify “enterprise” in the new Ubuntu branding, to which you adhere in other parts of the design. The mission statement of the manual project begins with “To create and deploy a document that is suitable as first point of reference regarding the use of Ubuntu by beginner-level users”, thus the “enterprise” element seems out of place.

    • Scott Todd says:

      Murat, spots close together signify enterprise, spots more spaced out signify consumers. Hence, I still think it is appropriate.

  4. Bruno Girin says:

    @Murat: the spaced dot pattern doesn’t necessarily mean “enterprise”. I think what’s important here is to use the orange, in preference to the aubergine, because the orange is meant to signify “community” while the aubergine is meant to signify “commercial”, as per Mark Shuttleworth’s blog entry: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/308

    I’d go for (a) or (b) but agree with Scott: a bit more space between the CoF and the title would be great.

  5. Fran says:

    I prefer (b) option

  6. Kubuntiac says:

    Option a because it focuses the eye effectively with whitespace on the title, logo and benefit icons. The dots imho are just distracting.

  7. Alison Pitt says:

    I prefer the balance and motion of (b) over the others, but I think you should try it with the finer-spaced dots of (c) and/or a smaller region of dots, so it is more “user” and “consumer” a la Mark’s blog.

    Great work on this; can’t wait to see the final result!

  8. Brews says:

    I’d say the second one. It has a very nice fung-shui that the 3rd one lacks. I think the centered sub-heading and ubuntu icon on the third one make the page feel unbalanced.
    The light pattern on the lower half of the page in the first example feels too angular when compared with the images and fonts in the title.
    I should also mention that my quasi-OCD wife doesn’t like the dots at all (she can’t explain why), and prefers the first cover.