Inkscape Fill and Stroke Panel

Inkscape’s Fill and Stroke panel is rather large and wider than the Layer and Align and Distribute panels I use often, causing the whole sidebar to take even more space away from the canvas area.

Screenshots of Inkscape 0.48pre1 (edited to remove rendering glitches on the color sliders):

So I wondered how this panel could be made more compact. Rough mockup:

The fill-rule toggle buttons in the top right of the original are mutually exclusive, so I reduced them to one icon for toggling here. Never once had a use for them. The legend for the color sliders doubles as combobox. For the Wheel mode, there would have to be either vertical text or an icon. Sliders with labels right on them save space, but the contrast has to handled with care, of course. For whatever reason, Inkscape uses two visual styles of comboxes, I used only one in the mockups.

Integrated gradient editing:

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3 Responses to Inkscape Fill and Stroke Panel

  1. Janne says:

    Any reason it has to be any wider than the gradient editor window? This dialog, and the arrangement dialog are a constant pain when using Inkscape. At least they detach, but hair-pullingly annoyingly they stay on top no matter what I do. I can’t juggle them and the main window with my normal window arrangement shortcuts; instead I have to remember a special key specific to Inkscape, to hide and reveal them.

    Really, it makes me hope somebody will fork the thing just to make the dialogs regular, hideable windows; it’s that annoying. Or, since you’re all about making UI options here, how about optionally making them top menu items? Get the damn things out of the way.

  2. Hylke says:


    Have you seen the mockups Pablo Lizardo has been working on?

    Feliz cumple pirupesita!!! Y bienvenido primo y viejos!! 🎉🎉🎉 #familia #family ♥️
    • thorwil says:

      Didn’t before. While very neat, such a layout would be even wider (if the sliders have same length).