Quickshot Icon and Logo

Quickshot’s goal is to streamline the process of taking a series of screenshots with specific setups and in varying languages for documentation purposes. It’s a spin-off of the Ubuntu Manual project and currently being rewritten to better meat the needs of other projects.

I first created an icon. Combining a camera liked used for generic screenshot tools with any other parts proved to be problematic in composition and recognizability. So I went with a more abstract approach, with a one out of a series concept to represent what Quickshot is about:

While an icon could make for an acceptable symbol for a logo, I felt this isn’t the case here. The contrast and coloring of the dark version is inspired by a camera flash. The bright version is for in-application use, where the other would feel too heavy.

About thorwil
I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

7 Responses to Quickshot Icon and Logo

  1. I love these Thorsten, great work!

  2. shermann says:


    tbh, it really looks like the QuickTime Logo of Apple.
    http://www.google.de/search?sourceid=chrome&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&ie=UTF-8&q=quicktime+logo (check image search)



    • thorwil says:

      Sure. Except for the inner shapes, the part outside of the main circle, the shading and the typographic style.

      If I would see this level of similarity as a problem, I could not design any logo, as everything is bound to share similarities with something out there already.

      That said, I was well aware of the Quicktime logo as something to get not too close to when creating this one.

  3. Tillux says:

    The icon is pretty good and recognizable – the dark logo version, however, isn’t as appealing as it could be. To be more specific: Even though the hue of both the inner Cirle/Q-Shape and its background is the same, the background somehow feels wrong. I haven’t tried any hue or saturation alterations yet, but I think a little less saturated and/or darker might be better. Or maybe not, I don’t know.

  4. Roshan says:

    I think this looks really good. Especially the bit where the dark logo in particular looks like a camera. Neat!

  5. Brett says:

    What font did you use for ‘Quickshot’. By the way, I’m the guy that will be implementing your art into the Quickshot website 😉