Spreadubuntu Logo 2

After reading comments and looking at the drafts with fresh eyes, I decided to drop the designs from the first set that are based on combining the Circle of Friends with a globe. They feel too heavy and have this touch of seeking world domination 😉

From the remaining, 5 and 8 are the strongest, but 8 is too thin, out of style.

So here are my (hopefully) final proposals:

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I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

25 Responses to Spreadubuntu Logo 2

  1. Vish says:

    I think we need to have a little bit of the globe in there 😉
    From my previous edit : http://www.foopics.com/showfull/0990f45cf5843a7deaacbcbea579a5ce

    Made a few subtle changes to the first one > http://www.foopics.com/showfull/a7b051971e62f1aeaa8a7470a9a98fbb

  2. Vish says:

    Oh! Another alternate idea : http://www.foopics.com/showfull/70e4204929c3318eb3e143aafd4cdd9e
    The first one with the globe seems to present the idea of spreading around the globe .[might it be a bit closer to the full circle logo? but i think the globe gives it the difference or is this already used by some other logo? and did i have a deja-vu]

    The second one is just a minor variant, like a pulsing.. still like the globe there ;-p

  3. Sirrus says:

    Interesting. I liked original proposals 2-4 the most, but out of the current two, I have to say the second one is definitely better. Less intrusive and much more related to Ubuntu’s official logo.

  4. I like Vish’s »running around the globe« proposal – #1 from http://www.foopics.com/showfull/70e4204929c3318eb3e143aafd4cdd9e

    #2 of yours looks like a great new logo for Ubuntu brainstorm! 😉

    I’m not sure about the arrows. They seem more like making a choice or going into separate directions (parting ways) than spreading.

  5. Objectif says:

    Thank’s a lot for this article, i prefer the second

    Sylvain, from france

  6. huayra says:

    World domination is the goal! 😉

    I agree with the fact that the globe thingy is too heavy, but I still think we should show that our aim to reach the world by fixing bug #1 – A balance can be achieved I guess?


  7. chris says:

    #2 by a long shot

  8. Anonymous says:

    Number teori is awsome!!!

  9. Akshat Jain says:

    number 2

  10. Thorwil, you should consider setting up a flattr.com account. It seems to be all the rage these days.

  11. anotheruser says:

    Wait, you are NOT seeking world domination? 😮

  12. Great work, #2 definetly!

  13. threeblackdots says:

    Ok I seen to be the only one who likes number #1 more… but they really are both great.

  14. Sean Tilley says:

    Why not combine the two? I think the globe setup would look great with arrows coming out of it.

  15. AJenbo says:

    2 is perfect 🙂

  16. Randall says:

    #2 is amazing!!!! Great job!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I liked the concept of number 8 from your previous post but didn’t like it as much aesthetically. This post’s number 2 fixes that, and is perfect IMHO 🙂

  18. shermann says:


    No. 2 is superb…No. 1 is for me a bit too hard drawn. It also reminds me of something else, but that’s eventually just me. No. 2 is soft, elegant, and using “waves” is all about “viral marketing”, especially that what the Ubuntu Community does.


  19. mauro says:

    the second one is very nice! congrats

  20. Thorsten, #2 is gorgeous, let’s make it official! May need some final perfectionist tweaking on spacing / tracking but the concept, and the visual device, are *awesome*.

    • thorwil says:

      Thank you! Could you pinpoint the need for tweaking? “ubuntu” is taken from the official logo and I adjusted “spread” to match it. Guess I could have another look at the circles.

      • huayra says:

        Great then! Let’s move further with #2.

        Could you please send a post to the SpreadUbuntu list once this is done so we can ask people to test the new branding of the site?

        If you are one of those reading comments all the way down you can have a sneak look here: http://remonster.homelinux.org:81/

        😉 R.

  21. Diogo Pessôa says:

    The 2° Logo is just sensational.
    Hugs. 😉

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