Design Center

Or should it be Design Centr to be both hip and US/UK neutral?

There has been talk on the ubuntu-art mailing list about creating a replacement to our wiki section for submitting artwork. To lower the barrier and for making it more manageable. Tracking request for artwork has also been brought up.

There’s the DesignHub project, thought up by Máirín Duffy of Fedora.

SpreadUbuntu could be suitable, though it’s positioned a bit different.

There should be good reasons, if you start yet another project, instead of joining or building on existing ones. But before you join or build on existing projects, you should think hard about whether they are or can become what you really want or need.

I have been thinking about what the underlying goal should be:
Foster quality and quantity of design efforts and outcomes in the Free Software and Open-Source realm.
or perhaps:
Foster quality and quantity of open design efforts and outcomes. Open design efforts shall mean ones that favor collaboration, meritocracy, sharing and permissive licensing.

If there’s going to be a project to build not-that-trivial infrastructure, I think it shouldn’t be tied to Ubuntu.

How could one go about reaching that goal?

  • Offer a place to go for open design projects
  • Increase the visibility of design efforts, outcomes and participants
  • Make design more enjoyable, make it happen easier and faster
    • remove technical hurdles
    • shape social interactions in a positive manner
    • encourage feedback. silence hurts
  • encourage constructive criticism, discourage unspecific and unfounded criticism
  • encourage participators to pay attention to constructive criticism
  • avoid and protect against flaming, trolling and vandalism
  • apply automation
  • assist in managing various aspects of design projects
  • Offer guidance and education to enable more, and more capable, participators
  • take care of deployment/packaging/distribution

Proposal for the concrete part of the briefing:

Create, deploy and maintain a website for managing design processes and assets.
Where assets are any kind of content wrapped in files such as images, audio and video recordings or compound (text and images) documents.

About thorwil
I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

2 Responses to Design Center

  1. Murat Gunes says:

    A good argument in favor of doing this kind of thing under DesignHub / GNOME Usability or similar umbrella project would be increasing the amount of cross-pollination between the more traditional “artwork” endeavors and the more “designerly” efforts such as wireframes, usability testing, holistic, top-down UCD and so on, which can only be good.

    But as always, it’s not going to be trivial to get people to agree on infrastructural specifics.

  2. Chris Blount says:

    Thanks for the Interesting post. It seems like a combo of facebook + launchpad. I think it may be a tad complex and not a simple site to put together. Plus, who wants to join another social networking site. 😉