Watch out regarding Natty Wallpaper Submissions

John makes it sound like his Flickr group would be the place where the Design Team will choose alternative wallpapers from. This is wrong. Use the original ubuntu-artwork group instead for both photographic and non-photographic wallpapers and tag your work with NattyWallpaper, please.

This might seem like a small issue, but is part of a longer series of misrepresentations and inaccuracies. A real shame, as he creates some nice work and at first appears to do good job at engaging people and getting the word out. Several attempts of solving these issues in private communication failed; he simply doesn’t listen and presents non-answers.


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One Response to Watch out regarding Natty Wallpaper Submissions

  1. Shnatsel says:

    Thanks for the warning, I’ve posted a comment to so submissions not moved to Ubuntu Artwork group might be noticed too.