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I’m still no fan of contests, but after looking at the earlier proposals, I felt an urge to do something. This contest brought you a 15 minute solution. I decided to stay very close to the Ubuntu wordmark. All lowercase doesn’t express power, but staying in line may express belonging, being a part, to not break away. It would have been nice to talk about these things, but no, it had to be a contest and a poll. The solution is so obvious and minimal, I almost, but not quite, feel bad about it. One might complain that it just implies electricity, to which I’d say: yes 😉

About thorwil
I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

9 Responses to PowerUsers Logo

  1. Martin Owens says:

    I think you did a good job, I’m just happy to have provided some dialectic to your design… or it’s a coincidence.

    I think I mentioned to Jono about competitions being a bad idea generally.

    • thorwil says:

      Thanks. I saw your proposal before thinking about a solution, but like to think I would have had the same thought without it. Though it surely helped, if nothing else, to speed things up 🙂

  2. Flimm says:

    What’s the link between power users and electricity?

    • thorwil says:

      Electricity is power, is enabling. Power users are electrified about using computer in the “intensely excited” sense of the word. Oh, and sadly, power users need more electricity 😉

      • Scott says:

        I like how the lightning bolt indirectly hints at Thor’s hammer, without infringing on any trademarks. 😀

  3. Someone says:


    I am NOT a designer nor a fan of contests, but may I suggest an idea? What about turning the “w” in power to some kind of “flame”? Another (not so interesting) idea would be to merge the electricity icon into “o”.

    Hope you have another 15 min. to give this a try!

  4. MarkC says:

    I’m not a fan of the whole idea of a Power Users group, personally; I think it creates a false dichotomy and splits the userbase unnecessarily.

    That said, of all the proposals, I think this is by far the best. Close enough to the normal branding that it might make the group a little less intimidating to those outside of it.

  5. mathew says:

    I think you should probably avoid using a logo that resembles the logo of the British Union of Fascists.


  6. syfen says:

    Or try to avoid used logos (or similiar logos) like http://biovolts.com