Affects me, too!

Launchpad has a feature where you can specify whether a bug affects you. Different from me too comments, this is useful in producing a number and not clogging up the comment thread.

But it’s at the top, between lots of stuff, while the comment box is all the way down. Me too style comments do happen. Maybe their number could be reduced by having the affects me feature close to the comment box. A label that emphasizes that comments should add information, instead of the current Add comment, could also help:

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7 Responses to Affects me, too!

  1. Juanjo says:

    I’ve found a problem with this “affects me too” feature. I thought it subscribes you to the bug (useful, because someone can post a comment with a workaround or you can get extra information about the problem… that is better than just “being affected”), but it doesn’t.

    Moreover there’s no way of finding the bug again, there should be a way to list those bugs that affect me in my page.

  2. htorque says:

    IMO still not visible enough.

    It would also be great to have a bug automatically set to ‘Confirmed’ when a user adds himself to that list (if there’s only one bug task). I’ve seen this lots of times: 5 users affected, yet the bug status was ‘New’.

  3. serfus says:

    i totally agree with you, and i also like Juanjo’s suggestion.

    see and

  4. Alvin says:

    Also, it doesn’t count ‘me too’ from duplicates.

  5. Martin Pool says:

    Ooh, I’d really like to fix bug 323000 some time.

    @htorque I think the problem there is that Confirmed is overloaded with two things: “A developer has looked at this and agreed it’s a bug” and “multiple people have hit this.” The second could perhaps usefully be done by seeing multiple (well) confirmations.

  6. Emmet Hikory says:

    I think “Confirmed” has more space than just those two: consider “The bug contact for this project has determined this bug can be reproduced with the information currently available.”, which is important in projects large enough to have significant non-developer bug management teams in order to reduce developer time spent chasing heisenbugs.

  7. rbtcollins says:

    @poolie @persia
    Confirmed is *intended* to mean ‘this is definitely a bug’. Defects that cannot be reproduced by a developer exist for a wide variety of reasons: this doesn’t preclude fixing them, though it does make it more challenging. (And they may not be heisenbugs either).

    Example reasons for nonreproducability (other than heisenbugs):
    – specific hardware combinations
    – specific dataset to reproduce
    – specific combination of options.

    Launchpad doesn’t make this all that easy, but once something is confirmed to be a bug, we really should treat it as one.