Ubuntu Friendly Logo 1

I’ve been asked if I would like to take care of a logo for Ubuntu Friendly. There’s even a bug report, where I assigned myself 🙂

The first step is gathering the requirements and what the project is about.

There’s a desire for a logo that includes the name, but also an icon that will work on a sticker. The sticker will contain Ubuntu Friendly as sole text, as there’s doubt including the Ubuntu version for each release will be feasible. There’s no decision regarding doing ratings, yet.

Next up is brainstorming. For small projects, that often happens in my mind alone, but in cases ideas don’t flow that easily, taking notes on paper helps to focus and keep going. A simple list of terms may suffice, but to illustrate my thoughts, I created a mindmap.

Pen on paper, but tweaked and colored in GIMP.

Next up: sketches.


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I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

2 Responses to Ubuntu Friendly Logo 1

  1. Ara Pulido says:

    Awesome work!

  2. komputes says:

    Nice brainstorm, thought I’d contribute:

    I think Hardware = PCI card
    I think Certification = Check mark
    I think Friendly = People

    How about round faced people (from circle of friends) holding up a PCI card with a check mark on it?