Ubuntu Friendly Logo 4

After some reflection, I think the seal approach of the previous set (4 A, B, C) is just clumsy, in an official person cuts ribbon with large golden scissors way. 😉

The gears are overly technical and the CoF in a box creates a too strong impression, it’s brutal in being a primitive other than the circle.

On to the next set. Please click the image to make sure you’re viewing it at full scale:

I propose to use 4 left for stickers. The spirograph in the background is inspired by the patterns found on some certificates and paper money. It builds a supporting net, fits tightly and picks up on circular geometry as found in the CoF. The left version does not match the 3 circle segment symmetry, but I prefer it, as it has a more open, floral character. It might require some tweaking for good printed results.

There’s no hint regarding hardware, as the placement of stickers will provide context.

5 Shows a way to pick up that pattern for the team logo. Of course this is not a robust solution, as the stroke width has to be scaled to not change the character. It seems advisable to use 1 or 2, instead.

In the context of my previous posts, I would hope it’s clear, but to be sure: 1 includes an element that is meant to be a combination of an abstract smile and a check mark. 2 is the UF ligature constructed out of a circle.

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10 Responses to Ubuntu Friendly Logo 4

  1. dave Morley says:

    I think the likes of 3 and 4 would make excellent replacement stickers for the windows ones that come on machines currently. However I think it would look daft as a logo for a site. So I’d be tempted to say 3 for the sticker and the logo bit of 5 for the site. You can add the wwords Ubuntu Friendly can be anywhere around th logo that way.

  2. njin says:

    Great works, the third is simply friendly to me, thanks

  3. Tillux says:

    I agree with you that 4 left is suitable for stickers.
    2 looks way too bold, fat and hefty.
    1 seems imbalanced – that checkmark-like arc doesn’t fit with the circle of friend’s convex hull 😀 (what I’m trying to say is: when one omits the three circles from the CoF [and makes it larger] it would fit, but it wouldn’t be recognizable as CoF anymore). I don’t remember your previous sketches, but have you already tried to do a checkmark with U and F?
    5 is okay, but it’s not as recognizable as e.g. 1 or 2, because it lacks thick lines. It’s basically just the CoF with some tinsel behind…

  4. I am sorry, but I do not see anything friendly. If I were Chinese and all I had was the logo to go by, what would I think ?

  5. Brandon Bachman says:

    For the stickers, holographs (The color-changing stuff on some badges like “Pentium inside”) for the net would be a nice touch for the metal badge that’d be stuck on PCs. I don’t know about how “Authentic” it’d make any Ubuntu-compatible/approved/certified hardware, but surely it would add a nice touch, and it would be difficult to copy.

  6. jorge says:

    These look great!

  7. Number 5 really looks like a flower, if you made the lines stronger and dropped some of the detail it would be a stronger symbol. Is a flower a good universal sign of being friendly?

  8. Victor Palau says:

    I must say, I am not sure about these ones. They don’t really tell me that this system is Ubuntu Friendly.. well, they don’t tell me much.

    Anyhow, how are we going to decide which one to go for? It should be up to Ubuntu Friendly Control or Squad the ones that take the final decision?

  9. usa says:

    Given these might go on laptops as stickers .. possibly 3 is better, as most laptops are black , 4 will cause it to merge into the colors, but frankly it has to be tried :). The 1,2,5 are too wide and might not have space on the laptops or netbook.

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