Media Goblin Logo 1

GNU Media Goblin will be server software for hosting and sharing media including images, music and video.

The project is looking for a logo. Initially I wanted to limit my contribution to guidance. That doesn’t seem to work out and now I made the mistake to pick up the pen … 😉

It looks like Flickr and DeviantArt serve as main references. OStatus based messaging and the option to set up your own instance shall be among the benefits of this project.

While a logotype (without symbol/emblem) would be an option, there’s a desire for a symbol and that’s what I will explore now.

As this won’t be just for photos (or just for music or just for video), we are left with the highly abstract media, where a symbol would have to be about all the options or none at all. The community and sharing aspect is shared by many projects and commonly leads to circles and hand-holding little people symbols and stuff like that 😉

The goblin in the name may serve as inspiration, but the tone shouldn’t become silly or scary. It’s meant to be somewhat lighthearted and playful, but not to the degree where it would rub against dead serious user content.

About thorwil
I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

3 Responses to Media Goblin Logo 1

  1. Bassam says:

    Hi Thorwil
    I’m digging some of the use of the tail of the goblin you’ve got going in here, in e.g. 4, 78 and 20… I also like the rounded look you’ve got in 71, seems to fit in with an overall ‘fun and friendly’ vibe I’m getting from the MediaGoblin folks.
    Cool work, I’m excited to see how this evolves.

  2. Paul Sladen says:

    Perhaps the ideas in 71 and 78 work? I think they have the potential to be quite friendly, but with a bit of an edge. They perhaps remind me of the SNCF TGV “snail” logo too, although I’m not convinced that would suit it, I imagine a Goblin being green!

  3. Hi,

    Really nice work thorwil 😉 as I would expect from you. It is really nice to see you still doing Ubuntu stuff and so…keep it up.

    I’m happy you’re still here :),
    Your friend dilomo (new wave theme maker)