Media Goblin Logo 2

So I learned I must be more careful to make my ones unlike sevens, the lack of a horizontal stroke is not enough 😉

I chose 2 concepts from the sketches that I think are the strongest and appropriate shapes, with what I like to think of as a tribal flair. The bottom is a little rough; it offers room for lots of variations and tweaks.

SVG file.

About thorwil
I'm a designer from Germany. My main interests are visual and interaction design, free/open-source software and (electronic) music.

6 Responses to Media Goblin Logo 2

  1. Bugsbane says:

    The first one is definitely the strongest. The rounded lines of the second looks a bit 80’s, while the wide shape of the last one doesn’t look so much like a single unified logo / icon as the other two.

    A nice, second association with the first one, it subtly looks like that hand sign people make at rock concerts with the middle two fingers down and the thumb over the top of them. I see it as a sort of “This Rocks!” although it may also be the sign for Satan, but hey… this is Media *Goblin* ;P

  2. murrayy says:

    I seed two rabbits and a sperm. Sorry, cant help it….

  3. Stuporhero says:

    Wot no CD with a goblin looking out from behind it?

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