Strange new Windows Logo

Microsoft Windows gets a new Logo for Version 8. It no longer tries to be a window or group of windows and a flag at once.

My first impression was that the perspective looks off. I found out it is because the 2 columns have different width in the prespective, but with a rather subtle difference, that in my view allows the impression of being an inaccuracy, instead of being clearly on purpose.

I had to try how it looks with equal width (third, after original and original with construction lines):

As the flyshit on the original hints at, it’s very important to note that Windows is a registered Trademark of Microsoft, while the new Logo has been submitted for registration.

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8 Responses to Strange new Windows Logo

  1. Pawel says:

    New logo won’t help Microsoft. Their system is broken by design and I’m not just talking about their new and crappy interface.,2817,2390390,00.asp

    You never know if you’re infected by a virus in MS Windows. Even antivir software won’t help.

    And for a bonus:,0

  2. rvt says:

    You are assuming that you is straight with the middle portion of the logo, However, from where I am sitting, it looks like that the eye is above that hence making such a (weird) perspective.

    Mat be they are trying to fool the chines for replicating the wrong logo, and in one month they will come with a new perfect logo

    • thorwil says:

      The upper and lower edges leave no doubt about the vanishing point. While on small scale it may look like the edges towards the center are perfectly horizontal, the large scale logo they link to in their post makes it clear that they are in perspective, too.

  3. docsolem says:

    It looks rigid/sterile to me. No life.

    PS: The post link on leads to Planet Ubuntu.

  4. As a logo designer, I feel the logo really suits them:- bland, over-corporate and uninspiring 😉

  5. bennyp says:

    have you noticed the christological significance of windows names and logos through the years. creepy if you ask me.

  6. adib says:

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    a view about the latest windows 8 logo, from thorwil, a freelance designer for free software from germany .read it .

  7. logo designs says:

    I don`t like the new logo of Windows 8 because I think it doesn’t have strong message. Yes it mean windows but i think it could be look more attractive. They want to sell it to every one but now it looks like it is a platform for software engineers only.