What’s up with Graupner’s screen design?


Graupner is a remote control model equipment company, originally founded 1930 in Germany. It went bankrupt in 2012 and was taken over by South Korean manufacturer SJ Ltd one year later. Graupner now continues as brand and sales organization. A large part of the product palette are stick-type transmitters for RC aircraft.

X-8E RC transmitter

The X-8E pistol-style transmitter for surface vehicles was first announced in 2013, but delayed until 2016. I can only assume this was caused by the change of ownership and restructuring. Given the rich feature-set and a price point of € 469.99 in their own shop, it is clearly in the high-end category and must face comparisons to Futaba 4PX, Hitec Lynx 4S, KO Propo EX1, Sanwa M12s and Spektrum DX6R.

However, the screen design seems incredibly rushed and not at all befitting to a flagship model in its category. Let’s have a look at the dashboard screen, which should be visible fairly often.


I imported the dashboard screen from the PDF manual into Inkscape and scaled it to match the resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, with a little tweaking to have the raster image icons  at their original 40 x 40 and lined up on the pixel grid. A photo of the real thing and the result of these first steps:


As you can see, the layout is all over the place. At least the varying corner radii seem to appear only in the PDF.

Quick and easy improvements


A: In the second row, I removed TX, 2x RX and 4.8V as they are absent in the photo, though their visibility seems to be conditional. There’s space left for them, anyway.

B: Making things line up within a grid. A table section with left aligned labels and units (%) in their own row.

C: Vertical steering and throttle meters (ST and TH) are aligned with the physical controls (wheel and trigger), but steering is better shown on a left-right axis and having the same orientation for all 4 channel meters tames the layout. Graupner is already written above the screen; the space can be put to much better use.

There are several deeper issues I did not touch:

  • Lack of differentiation between pure indicators, toggles and menu buttons.
  • Questionable icons, especially the two in the third row.
  • Just white outlines for some elements, where filled backgrounds would make them more defined.
  • Lacking and bad labelling with unnecessary abbreviations. The O.TIME in the bottom left is explained as model use time in the manual

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