Call for Collaboration: International Counting Track

I would like to create a piece of music with people from all around the world counting to the rhythm in various languages. Imagine an international crowd, all going “1, 2, 3, 4, 1 and 2 and 3 and 4” in various languages, sometimes juts one, sometimes layered 🙂

To make this happen, I ask you to provide recordings of yourself and everyone else you might get to do it, saying:

  • One Two Three Four
  • One and Two and Three and Four and
  • Beat

in your native language (and any language where you are confident about your pronunciation).

With a tempo of 110 beats per minute (to be very clear, the “and” has to be between beats). Up to 4 repetitions, filling 4 bars would be nice.

If there are special ways of counting to the music in a language, use those and inform me about it 🙂

“Beat” should be translated to whatever could be said on each beat. In German it would be “Schlag”. A single occurrence is enough, I intend to use these as accents.

All files should be:

Additional samples with effects are ok, but it’s likely that I will not use them. Still, I want to collect and offer all usable material for download (it’s an open source project).

Please name them as follows:

  • firstname_lastname_language_count.wav for “One Two Three Fou”
  • firstname_lastname_language_count_and.wav for “One and Two …”
  • firstname_lastname_language_beat.wav for “Beat”

Please send links, not attachments to me, or post links in the comments. Consider using if you have no other space.

My intention is to offer the result and the material on I also want to submit a version to the
Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase

I can’t promise to use all contributions. I will sort out ones that sound suspiciously different from others claimed to be in the same language 😉
However, all serious contributors will be given credit.

I will collect files until the 15th of January!

Please spread the word!

Happy holidays!

Ardour Track Resize

The ongoing development branch of Ardour supports vertical resizing of tracks/busses via dragging (instead of the prior menu/steps approach). Currently there just a small gray rectangle in the bottom left corner of each track/bus. Paul asked me to create an icon. Not many options there, but i think a relief like used elsewhere to denote draggability is better.

The same without the broken 3d button borders on the track/bus headers:

Work on Ardour export started

It has been a while since I wrote that document about a better export dialog for Ardour.

Now Sakari Bergen takes part in this years Finnish Summercode project, improving export functionality based on my work and adding meta data support. It feels great to have a competent programmer realize my concepts (especially compared to struggling along to get just a tiny demo implemented myself … ;)). I’m looking forward to the results. We have been chatting on IRC and I’m ready to assist him where I can.

Woxitron 2

A while ago I published a work-in-progress version of this. My intention was to add melodic parts later on, but today I decided that there’s enough going on already and that my time is better spend working on other tracks.

Woxitron at

Recorded and arranged with Ardour. Mastered with Jamin.

There’s also a tar archive of the Ardour session with wavpacked audio files up there. Remixes are welcome 😉

License: CC-BY-SA

We don’t want you


A piece of music about the feeling of being rejected. Don’t worry about me, I just had to let of some steam in a way 😉

Online player, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, all on the Internet Archive.

While all sounds originate from my mouth or household objects, I did mean things to some of them 🙂

Recorded and arranged with Ardour. Mastered with Jamin.

There’s also a tar archive of the Ardour session with wavpacked audio files up there. I would love to hear replacements, additions, remixes … 😉

License: CC-BY-SA

Ardour MIME Type Icons 2

Paul picked the right side of the previous set. The final icons, only slightly touched-up (separate files, ready for use):

application-x-ardour_48px.png application-x-ardour_32px.png application-x-ardour_22px.png application-x-ardour_16px.png

Soon in a SVN repository near you.