Ubuntu Countdown 9.10

For the 3rd time in a row, one of my designs has been chosen as one of 2 options for the official Ubuntu countdown banner 🙂

Besides the official options, there are PHP versions that allow to have changing images even in places where no JavaScript is permitted. Such as this blog! Use one of the snippets below, thanks to Huber Florian:

Andrew Higginson’s design:

Ubuntu 9.10 Countdown

<a href="http://www.ubuntu.com"><img src="http://neogates.ath.cx/~huwa/ubuntuKarmic/karmic2.php" id="countdownimage" alt="Ubuntu 9.10 Countdown"></a>


Ubuntu 9.10 Countdown

<a href="http://www.ubuntu.com"><img src="http://neogates.ath.cx/~huwa/ubuntuKarmic/karmic1.php" id="countdownimage" alt="Ubuntu 9.10 Countdown"></a>

Orange Woman

Pastel chalk and coloured pencils on 2 layers of paper (DIN A 3). No digital editing besides color correction and fixing the highlights in the eyes, as they didn’t appear like on the original. Drawn as birthday present for my dad. He really likes oranges and poppy 😉

Full size 1675 x 2842 pixels

The Deer and the Dryad

Made as a birthday present. So I wanted something warm, nice and friendly, but otherwise didn’t second guess the ideas building up in front of my inner eye 🙂

Contains tiny, no-details nudity, so it should be safe for work in most places 😉

Full size: 831 x 1024 pixel

Chalk and crayons on layout paper. Only colour correction and minor clean-up happened in the digital realm.

About DRM

How I feel about DRM:

800 x 648 pixel

Wear it, if you like. This way, you can also sponsor my work 😉