Media Goblin Logo 2

So I learned I must be more careful to make my ones unlike sevens, the lack of a horizontal stroke is not enough πŸ˜‰

I chose 2 concepts from the sketches that I think are the strongest and appropriate shapes, with what I like to think of as a tribal flair. The bottom is a little rough; it offers room for lots of variations and tweaks.

SVG file.

Media Goblin Logo 1

GNU Media Goblin will be server software for hosting and sharing media including images, music and video.

The project is looking for a logo. Initially I wanted to limit my contribution to guidance. That doesn’t seem to work out and now I made the mistake to pick up the pen … πŸ˜‰

It looks like Flickr and DeviantArt serve as main references. OStatus based messaging and the option to set up your own instance shall be among the benefits of this project.

While a logotype (without symbol/emblem) would be an option, there’s a desire for a symbol and that’s what I will explore now.

As this won’t be just for photos (or just for music or just for video), we are left with the highly abstract media, where a symbol would have to be about all the options or none at all. The community and sharing aspect is shared by many projects and commonly leads to circles and hand-holding little people symbols and stuff like that πŸ˜‰

The goblin in the name may serve as inspiration, but the tone shouldn’t become silly or scary. It’s meant to be somewhat lighthearted and playful, but not to the degree where it would rub against dead serious user content.

Ubuntu Friendly Logo 6

Ara Pulido, being the leader of Ubuntu Friendly, preferred the first logo and right sticker design from the last set and so do I. As a hopefully last touch, I tweaked the placement of the text on the sticker. As far as I am concerned, this shall be the final artwork for the project, but we will wait for feedback from the Design Team (Edited following Ara’s comment below).

The SVG files can be found in the Launchpad branch. The sticker file has an outline on a separate layer; it should only be used for presenting on white ground, not be printed on actual stickers.

My intent was to present a fairly linear process from conception to execution. In the end it became a bit chaotic, as this wasn’t one of those cases where a design just clicks after only few rounds. I had to cut down on presenting variations along the way, in favor of actually getting things done πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the feedback along the way. especially to those who went beyond just stating a preference for one variation!

Ubuntu Friendly Logo 5

Paul Sladen suggested that I use a different variant for friendly, an option I didn’t think of because my unexpectedly not up-to-date font (still on 10.10) file didn’t contain a light variant.

I worry that the spirographs from the previous set might lead to trouble in reproduction. The exact cutting that would be required …

The dot pattern in the left sticker repeats the relative size and distance of the 3 heads of the Circle of Friends.

The right sticker picks up geometry from the logo draft.

The last image shows the construction to determine the sticker size and logo placement. Years ago, during DTP training, I found that I would often place elements in a layout close to within certain relations. The constructive approach can save you a lot of fiddling, but also lead to solutions you wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s easy to get tangled up, though πŸ˜‰

Ubuntu Friendly Logo 4

After some reflection, I think the seal approach of the previous set (4 A, B, C) is just clumsy, in an official person cuts ribbon with large golden scissors way. πŸ˜‰

The gears are overly technical and the CoF in a box creates a too strong impression, it’s brutal in being a primitive other than the circle.

On to the next set. Please click the image to make sure you’re viewing it at full scale:

I propose to use 4 left for stickers. The spirograph in the background is inspired by the patterns found on some certificates and paper money. It builds a supporting net, fits tightly and picks up on circular geometry as found in the CoF. The left version does not match the 3 circle segment symmetry, but I prefer it, as it has a more open, floral character. It might require some tweaking for good printed results.

There’s no hint regarding hardware, as the placement of stickers will provide context.

5 Shows a way to pick up that pattern for the team logo. Of course this is not a robust solution, as the stroke width has to be scaled to not change the character. It seems advisable to use 1 or 2, instead.

In the context of my previous posts, I would hope it’s clear, but to be sure: 1 includes an element that is meant to be a combination of an abstract smile and a check mark. 2 is the UF ligature constructed out of a circle.

Ubuntu Friendly Logo 3

Part of a project is questioning the whole thing. Meno argued that we should just use the known Circle of Friends logo. In my own words: to further establish the CoF, to not weaken the visual identity by dividing effort.

True, and thanks for that comment. I had those thoughts, too. But this is not only about external, but also about internal identification. Between using something else or using the CoF, there’s room for a combination. As much as I like reduction, just ubuntu friendly and the CoF might end up a little lonely.

Like before with the sketches, I left some stuff in I would have deleted in another setting. Bad vector graphics have non of the charm even bad sketches can have, but this way, you get a good idea of the things I tried (minus all the tweaking and shuffling around).

Now I’m considering to play with GuillochΓ©/Spirograph patterns πŸ™‚