My Music

Almost all my music can be found on What can I say … it’s electronic and often groove-oriented, varying quite a bit in style.

For my newer stuff, I use a few selected applications on Linux. Some of these are more conceptual than previous works. License: CC Attribution ShareAlike.
Linux tracks

I used Cubase VST 3.something on Windows for a while. Only finished 3 tracks, but there’s a lot of raw material left from that era, waiting to be picked up again. License: CC Attribution NonCommercial.
Cubase tracks

Before that, I didn’t have a suitable computer and did everything with a GEM S3 keyboard. License: CC Attribution NonCommercial.
GEM_S3 tracks

Even earlier, all I had was a Korg M1 keyboard. So the sound quality is rather poor and I would do a lot of things differently now, but I still enjoy these tracks and hope others will, too. I think I learned quite a bit while fighting limitations. License: CC Attribution-ShareAlike.
Korg M1 tracks

All 70+ tracks in one list:
All Tracks

It all started on my brother’s PC, using an Orchid Soundwave card and some simple notation-based sequencer that came with it. I prefer to keep the few recorded results to myself 😉

If you like it please let me know. Constructive criticism is also welcome.