Lumiera Final

So after several more variations and tweaks, alternative proposals and feedback from several people, it looks like we finally have a definitive logo for Lumiera:


Original Concept by anamii

A public Git repo and Firefox’s ability to display at least basic SVG have been a great help.

Christian Thäter made a nice variant for the Credits page.


Lumiera Logo Type Draft 5

Sharp cutoffs on the dark edge of the frame, asymmetrical bows on u and m, ra tweaked to match the m, quick hack to try bolder type with rounded corners:


The SVG source of this image.

Lumiera Logo Type Draft 4

Time to get this logo done!

Original concept by anamii

Logo with and without closed outlline, L and E variations:


The SVG source of this image

Lumiera Logo Type Draft 3


Lumiera Logo Type Draft 2

Continuing after going a bit wild previously 🙂


Lumiera Logo Type Draft

So this is the winner of the Lumiera logo contest. As the contest was about the concept, not necessarily the final execution, there’s now the chance to refine it.

I think the 2 fonts from the winning logo’s page are too thin, they look shy, insecure to me. So after the original proposal for comparison on top, here are rough drafts of something different: