Spreadubuntu Header 2

Still on the quest for a good Translate icon. Thanks for the feedback on the previous set. I want to avoid glyphs or anything else that would seem like it refers to a specific language, country or region.

Also added an option for Get/Share, based on the logo (#1 is identical to those in the header mockup).

Sources can be found on Launchpad.


Spreadubuntu Logo 3

Thanks for all the comments! So Nr. 2 of the previous set is the very clear winner. I tweaked it a little and added a black/orange on white version.

Bonus: A mockup/suggestion for the website header. The scissors are taken from the applications-accessories icon of the Humanity set.

SVGs and PNGs can be found on Launchpad.

Biarri Workbench

Biarri hired me for a number of days in September. I was responsible for some interaction and web design aimed at getting their Workbench project ready for a first presentation.

They’re specialized in operations research and use mathematical models, statistics and optimization algorithms to assist businesses in decision making and improving processes.

The Workbench still has rough edges and isn’t complete as it is developed aside of customized solutions, but you can try calculation of times and distances and indicating frequency of events by postcode on a map now, with a free trial account. These services are of course not aimed at private individuals 😉

Mudlet 3

After application icon and splash, it’s time to bring the archway to the website header.

Embedded in the current page design:
Full size

A proposal with adjusted colors and a slight layout change:
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Finally ardour.org has a new theme. Further tweaking of details might happen. The previous theme was a slightly modified SpreadFirefox and I decided early on to keep the layout, as it works well with the logo and the tabs are nice for navigation. So after a few mockups and way more CSS hassle than ever expected, here it is 🙂
ardour.org thumbnail